6 Reasons to Treat Health and Fitness as a Family Affair

If you’re a working professional, you have plenty of responsibilities beyond the 9-to-5. You’ve got a household to run: including a partner, kids and their extracurricular activities, aging parents, finances, and more. Too easily, our health and fitness can slide to the back burner as other priorities take precedence.

You know how important it is to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but after taking care of everyone else all day, it can be tough to care for yourself.

Achieve your weight loss goals and set a good example by getting the entire family involved.

From exercise to meal planning, and actually sticking with the goals you set, here are 6 ways bringing family into your health and wellness journey will help you succeed.

  1. Get active as a group.

Squeezing in exercise is far more enjoyable when done together. From nightly walks around the block to jumping jacks between commercial breaks, getting more physical activity is easier as a group.

Add a little friendly competition by tracking calories burned or seeing who can walk the most steps each week.

The best part of working out as a family? You’ll have so much fun spending time together that you’ll hardly even think of it as exercise.

  1. Grocery shopping simplified.

When the whole family is on board with healthier eating, grocery shopping becomes simpler. Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins fill up the cart, and you can skip the junk food aisles altogether. By preparing healthy meals for the whole family, you’re saving time, money, and allowing everyone to sit down and enjoy the same meal together.

If you’re looking for a weight loss plan with even more support, consider a nutritional program. The Ideal Protein Protocol combines healthy, fresh meals you prepare at home with its low carbohydrate, high biological protein food products for a simple weight loss program the entire household can follow.

  1. Share valuable information.

With the Ideal Protein Protocol, each participant attends weekly one-on-one meetings with his or her personal nutrition coach (along with additional support whenever you need it). As the coach guides each client through the program’s four stages with helpful nutrition and lifestyle support, family members can share the tips they learn with each other, too. Hear about a great healthy recipe from your coach? Cook it for your loved ones this weekend. Did she share a motivational quote that pushed you through a weight loss plateau? Post it on the refrigerator to share the inspiration and remind your family members why they started this journey.

Sharing the helpful information you receive during meetings with your coach reinforces what you learned and can prove valuable for the rest of your family, too.

  1. Hold each other accountable.

When you’re all in it together, it’s harder to cheat on your nutritional plan or skip daily exercise. Your family is eating healthy all day—so you should, too!

Studies regularly show that sharing our goals and progress with someone else makes us more likely to stick to it. Share your weight loss plan with several people under your own roof. They’ll offer an empathetic, listening ear when you’re stuck, but they’ll also call you out when you choose the couch over a walk or go for that extra slice of cake.

By discussing weight loss goals and communicating openly when you hit a snag, the entire family holds each other accountable to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Celebrate successes together.

Come up with a plan for non-food rewards that can be experienced as a group when everyone meets their goals. Is it a weekend family movie night after you all stick to your nutritional goals throughout the week? A Caribbean cruise or other family vacation after you’ve all met your weight loss benchmarks over six months? Choose a reward that’s meaningful to your household, and celebrate when your hard work together pays off!

Your nutritional journey becomes even more special because of how diligently each family member worked to make it happen.

  1. Healthier, longer, and stronger lives together.

Ultimately, what matters most is being there for each other as a family. By taking charge of your health and weight loss, you’re increasing your longevity. You’re reducing the likelihood of experiencing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or other chronic illnesses—and reducing sick days and hospital visits, too.

When the whole family improves their health, you all win. You’ll each have more birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions to celebrate together for years to come.

Learn how Ideal Protein, available at Plantation Wellness Center, can change your family’s life. Visit our website for more information about the low carbohydrate, high biological protein Protocol and one-on-one expert nutritional coaching. We welcome you to a personal consultation to learn if Ideal Protein is the right fit for you and your ones’ weight loss goals.

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