Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Will Change Your Life

Those who first start a traditional diet may feel alone during their new lifestyle change.

“When my family and friends are still eating whatever they want, who will I talk to about the struggles I’m facing to stay on track?”

“Where can I turn for advice about the best nutritional choices for my body?”

“Who’s going to help me stay committed to my weight loss goals?”

We all know weight loss is a challenge, especially as we get older, and not having someone in your corner can make it even tougher. But the right weight loss program will offer a world of support and prevent you from feeling so isolated.

The Ideal Protein Protocol, whose science-backed, four-phase plan is specifically designed to inform, educate, and help guide its clients to transform their bodies for long-lasting results, is one of the most supportive weight loss programs available to you. A key factor in the Ideal Protein experience at Plantation Wellness Center is that each of our participants is matched with a personal nutritional coach who guides them through every step of their weight loss journey.

In addition to weekly check-ins and around-the-clock support, Ideal Protein participants at Plantation Wellness Center appreciate the ways their one-on-one weight loss coach steers them to success.


A successful nutritional coach works with clients to determine personal weight loss goals and motivates them to achieve these benchmarks. After an initial consultation to determine if the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is the best fit for your needs, they’ll work with you as you progress through the program’s four phases. During weekly check-ins, you’ll be weighed and measured to monitor results. You’ll feel accomplished after seeing those numbers drop, and knowing your coach is by your side with positive feedback and words of encouragement makes it even easier to stick to the plan.

Your weight loss coach will always be there to remind you why you started and how far you’ve come. Should you hit a plateau after a few months of success, they’ll be there to keep you motivated. They won’t let you give up on your ultimate goals.

Expert Support

Coaches have a deep understanding of the Ideal Protein Protocol, the science behind the nutrition, and the best ways to apply the program’s concepts to your everyday life. They’re in tune with individual clients’ lives, needs, and goals so they can create a personalized path to success.

Coach support only starts with weekly one-on-one sessions. They’re available at any time in between to provide extra guidance and share advice about healthy food choices. It’s difficult to plan realistically for weight loss and stick to nutritional goals. The extra support from Ideal Protein coaches can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Ideal Protein program also regularly sends clients short videos about nutrition and weight loss to continue providing education about healthy habits. These tools, as well as the information provided during nutrition-focused coaching sessions, teach valuable concepts that can be applied even after completing the Ideal Protein Protocol. After all, it’s not just about losing weight; your coach wants to see you keep it off!


Your coach will hold you accountable about your food decisions so you stay on track toward your goals. While family members and friends can be part of this process—and it’s important to have a strong support network throughout a lifestyle transition such as major weight loss—a professional who’s deeply familiar with your specific weight loss program can be the extra push you need to stay honest during the process.

During check-ins with their coach, Ideal Protein participants also discuss their dietary decisions over the past week. You’ll have a chance to “come clean” about any unhealthy choices you’ve made. No fibbing! Your weight loss coach’s role is to help you learn how to stop making nutritional decisions that can reverse the incredible progress you’re working so hard for, so be truthful about all your food choices in these sessions.

The Ideal Protein Difference

No more fad diets that don’t stick—or don’t work to begin with. A dedicated nutritional professional who has a vested interest in your success will help you make a lifelong lifestyle shift toward a healthier you.

One-on-one Ideal Protein weight loss coaches at Plantation Wellness Center encourage clients throughout the entire weight loss process. They educate and inform about making better food choices for years to come. You’re held accountable during weekly check-ins, and advice and encouragement helps prevent future slip-ups that can stall weight loss. The motivation, expert support, and accountability provided by our Ideal Protein coaches will help you change your life, once and for all.

Visit our website to learn more about the one-on-one expert nutritional coaching and low carbohydrate, high biological protein method of Ideal Protein. Get started here with an Ideal Protein Consultation to learn if Ideal Protein is the right fit for your weight loss goals.

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