It’s not too late to meet your 2016 fitness goals

Make the most of 2016’s final weeks with a sensible, high-protein diet and a smart exercise plan

2016 has been quite a year—and if you aren’t yet comfortable with where your fitness and weight loss goals are at this point in the year, you’re certainly not alone. But don’t sweat it, because there’s still an entire month to go!


While a single month might seem too short a time to make a serious difference, many people are surprised as to just how much weight loss progress you can make in a month’s time (especially if you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit in the last few weeks). All you need is a smart plan (like Ideal Protein) and a little bit of discipline to start the New Year off right!

Cut out carbs to reduce insulin levels and allow your body to access its fat stores

Many issues with gaining and retaining body fat are related to eating an overabundance of simple carbs like cereals, breads, pastas, muffins, and other highly processed, carbohydrate-rich foods. These foods can cause insulin dysfunction; and too much insulin often leads to hypoglycemia, which in turn can lead to sugar cravings and weight gain.


While insulin is designed to regulate blood sugar levels, too much can end up “locking” fat in your body’s cells—referred to above as “fat stores”. However, a healthy diet can help bring down insulin to an appropriate level and reverse your body’s cycle of fat gain.

Add protein to support healthy muscle tone, strong bones, and the feeling of fullness

By cutting carbs and adding protein to your diet, you can allow your body to live off its own fat reserves instead of simply relying on carbohydrates for energy. However, without a proper source of protein, you could lose valuable muscle in the process.


Adding a high quality protein source like the many, delicious offerings of Ideal Protein helps ensure that the weight you lose is mostly fat, not muscle, which helps increase your metabolism and keeps you strong.

Try Ideal Protein, a medically approved and widely-tested weight loss and nutrition program

The Ideal Protein protocol has been tested in over 3,000 clinics worldwide, allowing tens of thousands of people to lose weight with minimum hassle. Instead of constantly worrying if you’re doing enough exercise, eating enough food, or eating the right foods, Ideal Protein gives you a proven template—so you know you’re doing all you can do to make progress toward a better, healthier, slimmer you!


As founder of the Plantation Wellness Center, I have a strong desire to help my patients live the best and healthiest lives possible; and this is why I have teamed up with Ideal Protein as my preferred (and trusted) platform for weight loss. Along with proper exercise and body-wellbeing, exercise is paramount in maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. Contact me today to begin your journey; to transform your life and to start 2017 right!

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