5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Right Now

Don’t wallow – it’s time to get active!

At one point or another, all of us get down on ourselves. Often, we are our own worst critics and it can be very easy to dwell on the negative. But the more we focus on the bad things, the more stuff we’ll find to get upset about. This then spirals into a pattern that becomes increasingly difficult to break.


If your self-worth has taken a hit for any reason, keep optimistic and be proactive! Here are five ways you can increase your confidence immediately:

Dress better

Sweatshirts and yoga pants are certainly comfy, but if you’re donning them all the time, that could signal a problem. You may subconsciously believe that you’re not worth the trouble of wearing nicer clothing or that it’s just not important. And although clothes don’t represent who we are inside, how you present yourself – and, more importantly, the value you see in doing so – still matters. What we wear sends a message to other people, which in turn affects us.


The next time you go out when you’re feeling down, think about putting on some of your nicer clothes or perhaps even picking up a new outfit or two. You’ll be amazed at how good dressing up can make you feel.

Stand up straight!

You may have heard this too many times from your mom while growing up, but it’s still good advice – and not just for your back! When you start standing up straighter and holding your head high, you will automatically feel more confident. You’ll also give off an air of confidence to others, which will boost your positive feelings even more.

Try to smile more

Did you know that just smiling – even if you’re not particularly happy at the time – can make you feel better? Think about a time when somebody smiled at you. You probably smiled back, right? This little act may have even made your whole day. So don’t be afraid to show off your pearly whites!

Get moving

One of the best things you can do for your confidence is to start exercising. Not only will you improve how you look physically, you will also be positively affecting your mind. If you workout regularly and begin to meet fitness goals, you will develop a sense of pride in your accomplishments. Regular exercise helps you look and feel better, which is a no-brainer for boosting confidence.

Improve your diet

You may not realize it, but snacking on junk food affects more than just your waistline. Poor eating habits also have an impact on your energy level. If you’re too tired to do the things you used to do, you could easily become complacent, which is detrimental to your physical and mental health. When you start eating better, you will almost immediately notice a huge change in how you feel.


Confidence can be a fragile thing, but you can give yours a big lift by focusing on these five areas. And for advice about how you can eat better, get in touch with Dr. Nina Coletta. Through her Plantation Wellness program, you’ll learn about a medically-proven diet program that will help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Call our office at 954-452-4590 or contact us through our online form.


Dr. Nina Coletta has been practicing Podiatric medicine for nearly 20 years and is the owner of Plantation Wellness Center. For the past 30 years, Dr. Coletta has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast. Her passion for health and wellness, along with a strong desire to help her patients live healthy lifestyles, led to the selection of Ideal Protein as her platform of choice for weight loss.

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